Wine Spectator October 15th 2015


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  • Reclaiming Greatness - Located in a remote corner of Catalonia, Priorat languished in obscurity for close to a century before its vineyards were revitalized by a pioneering group of outsiders in the 1970s. Since then, the region’s winemaking scene has exploded, yielding a bounty of fine wines from an expanding cast of ambitious producers. But as the region vies for international recognition, it grapples with issues of authenticity and identity Bottled History - The story of the Priorat region told in 12 bottles, spanning five decades, from the traditional Scala Dei Priorat Cartoixa 1975 to the distinctive Marc Ripoll Sans Priorat White Escanyavella 2012
  • The Best of Spain - Across the country, producers are delivering a panoply of styles from a dizzying array of grapes, appellations and vintages
  • White Burgundy 2012 - Low yields led to ideal ripeness in an outstanding vintage for the region's Chardonnays
  • Catalan Classic - Spain's Costa Dorada abounds with Mediterranean vistas and mouthwatering cuisine
  • St. Louis Sommelier Aleksandar Jovanovic - Aleksandar Jovanovic took an unusual path to become wine director of Truffles, in St. Louis
  • A Vintner in Vermont - Deirdre Heekin crafts unique wines from little-known North American grapes
  • Varietal Values - Select bottlings of Cabernet, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Syrah at enticing prices