2005 Rudolf Fürst Frühburgunder 'R' Centgrafenberg

Scores: 90+ CT:97.3 AVG: 97

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Frühburgunder is an old autochtone variety of the Centgrafenberg site. A natural mutation of Pinot Noir. The wine is made in same way as Spätburgunder (Pinot Noir). In the Fürst estate is made a Frühburgunder from old vines. All the soil is red sand stone, very strong and dry. This wine is full of fine pinot flavors, a little smoky and with notes from dark fruits. In the taste you find the elegant type of Fürst wines with a nice dry palate, good deepness and meaty character. Very mineral aftertaste and good length.

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Type Red Wine 紅酒
Grapes Frühburgunder
Country Germany
Wine Region Franken
Vineyard Centgrafenberg
Producer Rudolf Fürst

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