2012 Château Lestevenie Saussignac 500ml

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Unit: 50cl

Saussignac is a unique appellation in that it is the only sweet / dessert wine produced in France that forbids the use of extra sugar (chaptalisation). It is made in the same way as Sauternes except for the addition of extra sugar. Only the best, hand-picked, "noble rot" Semillon grapes are used to make this exquisite wine. Indeed, Chateau Lestevenie only make their Saussignac when the conditions are right - skipping vintages if the grapes don't meet their high standards.

Type White Sweet/Dessert Wine 甜點酒
Grapes Sémillon
Country France
Wine Region Southwest France
Sub region Dordogne
Appellation Saussignac
Producer Château Lestevenie

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