Best Matches with Pinot Noir Wine

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We carry many Pinot Noir wines and take 2012 Tukipo River Estate Fat Duck Pinot Noir and 2010 Wild South Pinot Noir for example, which food would be their best matches?

2012 Tukipo River Estate Fat Duck Pinot Noir2010 Wild South Pinot Noir

Let’s check below together.

  • Sauced duck: the most classical match, duck and Pinot Noir. Higher acidity Pinot Noir could relieve duck oily taste.
  • Italian mushroom rice: anytime when you eat mushroom rice, you may try Pinot Noir, because soft and abundant mushroom rice would stand out Pinot Noir wine special fruitful aroma.
  • Grilled Salmon and trout: fish often doesn’t match very well with red wine, because the bitter tannins would strengthen fishy smell. However, if you prepare a very fresh grilled salmon or trout, then it would become the best match with Pinot Noir.
  • Pizza: strong red wine always is the best with cheese, bread and Pizza.

Would you like to try the above matches?

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Research Shows the Longer History of Wine Enterprise the More Effective Methods to Environmental Changes

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The Wine Business School of Sonoma State University has researched a topic regarding effect of environment changes to enterprises.  It shows the longer history and bigger enterprises have more effective methods to take.

There’re 11784 samples of wine enterprises worldwide, among which there’re 338 samples deeply interviewed. 58% of samples are small wine companies and 56% of samples have no more than 20 years histories.

When natural and economic environment changes take place, wine enterprises would often adopt three strategies, updating training methods and contents, innovating management and control system and steps, and changing management style.

However, smaller wine companies would tend to make new sales and marketing strategies and compete with peers to adapt to indeterminacy of development.

Overall those larger wine enterprises have longer advantages of sustainable development.

Grape Harvest

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Why Bordeaux Wines Overseas Sales Go Down, While Burgundy Wines Up?

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Bordeaux grapes are about to be picked, but the cellars are full of wines.

This year and last year many economists and eCommerce big data indicate the consumption trend is changing all the time. 

One very apparent trend: French people prefer rose, white and sparklings, compared with red wine “ripe and steady” and rose is younger, more energetic and easier to drink. Rose’s pink color and best matches with transparent glass and beautiful sights are very popular to be shared on social media by young people.

This trend is not only in France, but also in many other countries.

And Bordeaux produces 80% red wines, others only 20%.

However, Burgundy oversea sales are over 3 billion Euros and are increased by 12.3% compared with last year. The biggest oversea markets are USA and UK. Even though, President Trump would increase French wine taxes, which haven’t been taken place due to many reasons. US market is still steady and optimistic.

Types of Wines

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Drinking in Summer

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Many people would encounter the below issues by mistake when drinking wine in hot summer.

  • It’s very hot in summer, so sometimes people add ice to wines to enjoy the cool drink. Actually, it’s not right as adding ice directly would decrease concentration and change the flavor. In the meanwhile, it probably causes people diarrhea, and stomachache, etc if they’re sensitive that time.
  • Mixed with Sprite, it would increase sugar content and affect aromatic taste, which easily destroy its nutritional ingredients and can’t achieve healthy purpose.
  • Drink the whole bottle in 3 days when it’s opened.
  1. If it’s not opened, we suggest the bottle lay on the cabinet in order to decrease the touch of wine and oxygen. Keep the original taste.
  2. If it’s opened and left over, please drink it all in 3 days.
  • Drink with strong coffee. Caffeine and wine together would speed up blood circulation, which easily affect heart and brain. So “Coffee and Wine” is not worth advocating.
  • Sleep after drinking. Drinking wine everyday would do good to sleep and enhance sleep quality. But if someone just drink wine and go to bed, it would affect sleep and wake up in the night.

 Do you drink wine correctly?

Drink Wine in Summer

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Chateau Lynch Bages

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Early in 1855, Chateau Lynch Bages was rated as Fifth Growth, but under the management of the Cazes family it became more and more famous and popular since 1980 and now it is in the level of Super Second. In the year 1985, Lynch Bages became the special wine in the first class in Hong Kong Cathay Pacific Airways.

Today we can learn more about this famous chateau background story.

The chateau was founded in the 17th century, and every owner was a famous big shot, e.g. two mayors, who made the chateau the only one under the management of mayors. Once it was called Bages, Pierre Drouillard, the owner’s daughter Elisabeth married to Thomas Lynch. After Pierre Drouillard passed away in 1749, Bages became Lynch family’s estate legally and then it was renamed as Chateau Lynch Bages.

We have many Lynch Bages of different vintages, which are very popular and lack of stock now. We will purchase more for our clients in the future.

Lynch Bages

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