Wines and Moon Cakes

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Mid-Autumn Festival can be considered as the Chinese equivalent of American Thanksgiving. Families and friends traditionally gather to give thanks for harvest and pray for health. People eat moon cakes during the festival.

Moon cake is usually rounded, which is like full moon, featuring rich sweet or salt tastes.

Sauternes with rich sweetness and the perfect balance is the top choice. We carry

 1999 Château Filhot, Sauternes, 375ml

And Rieussec would be the second choice.  You may check details 2007 Chateau Rieussec. It’s Grand Cru, not cheap, but you worth tasting it.

Sevenhill Fine Old Tawny 50cl NV, with 18% alcohol, it is a sweet desert wine, made in the same way as Port. Sevenhill have been making this wine for over 150 years, and each year the wine maker blends wine from different vintages to make this wine. It matches well with moon cakes.

Wine and Moon Cakes




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