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There’re a lot of wine blogs on various topics, like traveling and food. Today we could summarize about eight ones.

  • Travelling to famous wine regions to experience their local customs and practices.
  • Food and wine. For example, Napa Valley and Sonoma regions promote a new experience of food and wine. More and more merchants and consumers join in the events to discuss the matches.
  • Celebrities and Their Wines. The trend of celebrities owning wineries and vineyards is not a recent phenomenon. For example, Former Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi owns two vineyards that sell grapes to California producers.
  • Wine evolutionary history. It’s as the most attracting part of a new book of Jancis Robinson.
  • Economic value of rating system. Check why our wines need wine critics’ rating. Does this affect other wines’ sale? How deep it would affect?
  • Production country of inexpensive wine. In addition to travel diary of high end wine, we could also pay attention to the low end ones, e.g. inexpensive accommodations, food and wine tasting, etc.
  • Cartoon design. No matter before or nowadays, wines are symbols of wealth and power. If we design wines, wealth and power together, it must be attracting.
  • Political power of wines. Sometimes we could recognize the power conflict in wine field. Is this existing in congress, political organizations or individuals?


Next articles, we will talk about the above.




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