Wine and Music

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The Oxford University psychologist Charles Spence had run a test that music could affect wine taste around 10%, that is, the better atmosphere, and the tastier it would be. 60% of participants think Cabernet Sauvignon tastes better with impassioned opera background than with no music. And 40% of the interviewees think Chardonnay tastes better with brisk music background.

  • Old world and New World
  1. If you drink old world Bordeaux wine with elegant symphony and piano music or Jazz, you would be amazed.
  2. If you drink new world Chile wine, with strong fruit flavor, then loud pop music would rock you and make you feel like walking in a garden.
  • Red and White
  1. Many males prefer dry reds, especially those with strong tannins and apparent structures. So powerful classic music would be the best match. But if you try Jazz, it’s still good.
  2. White and rose wines are the favorites by females. They’re full of fruit flavor and clean taste, suitable for drinking in summer. So brisk music or graceful love songs would be the best.
  • Grape Varieties
  1. Pinot Noir is the queen of reds. Its specialty best matches Jazz!
  2. Chardonnay is the most popular white, named “Variety Queen”, because of its changeable feature. Fresh and brisk music suites the best.

Now, invite your friends and hold a wine and music party!

Wine & Music




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