What are the Secrets that Tannins Take?

Posted on October 26, 2019 by Abbelio Wines | 0 comments

Normally people can’t feel tannins by smelling, but by tasting.

  • Where’s it from? It’s from grape skin, grape seeds, grape stems and oak barrel.
  • What does it taste? According to French Agricultural Scientific Research professor, Genevieve Conejero, tannins make you feel like “a cat is licking your hand”. If tannins are not full and ripe, it would taste acerbic, like gravel, which takes time to become smoother and dedicate.
  • What does it impact? Tannins not only increase acerbity but also enrich wine complexity by reacting with other substances.
  • What is it like? It’s like a natural aseptic, anti-oxidative, which prevents wine to become sour by oxidation. It plays an important role in red wine of many years’ standing. A red wine in good vintage will be amazing after 10 years’ storage.

For example, our very good red dining wine, 2011 Chateau Le Pey Magnum, you won’t be disappointed.   

Tannin vs Oak Barrel




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