Special Production Countries of Wine

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  • Bulgaria: According to the research of archaeology, it’s found that Bulgarians started to make wine from grapes. In ancient Greek mythology, there’s the record of Bulgarian wine, so many people consider Bulgaria as the origin of wines.


  • Georgia, a small country on the border of Asia and Europe, with its population only 4 million, but it has a very long history of wine, around 8000 years and is officially considered by UNESCO as origin of wine worldwide. There’re 4000 grape varieties, among which 500 are in Georgia. Saperavi is planted in very wide range in this country and its wine is particular in high acidity, balanced tannins and nice ageing potential.


  • Israel: the Middle East is the home town of grape industry, and Israel wine history can be traced back to The Biblical Period. With its special location, connection of Asia, Africa and Europe, the pleasant warm climate is great for grape planting, high in sugar. The most popular grapes are like Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc. Its special wine could match New World wines from CA, Australia, etc.

Wine Yard in Israel

  • Moldova: it’s one of the longest history of wine industry in Organisation Internationale de la Vigne et du vin (OIV), around 5000 years. Located in Southeast Europe, between Ukraine and Romania, similar latitude as Burgundy, the land is the best black land all over the world. The red is special with particular aroma and taste; the white is easy drinking and inexpensive—could match with French wine. The most famous cellar could be Cricova, with long 280 km.

Wine Cellar




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