Seven New Grapes Allowed in Usage in Bordeaux Wine

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In the future, if you find a famous Portuguese grape Touriga Nacional appears in Bordeaux AOC and Bordeaux Superieur AOC, please don’t be surprised because it would be used legally.

Recently wine producers in Bordeaux vote for the below seven grapes (four red types and three white types), which could be in usage in Bordeaux AOC and Bordeaux Superieur AOC.

  • Touriga Nacional, originated from Portugal, it could be produced to very complicated and elegant wine in extreme hot and dry environment.
  • Alvarinho, also called Albarino, white wine grape, planted in Northwest Spain and Northeast Portugual.
  • Marselan, originated from South France, it is a crossbreeding type by Grenache and Cabernet Sauvignon and planted largely in China.
  • Petit Manseng, a sweet and white wine type.
  • Arinarnoa, it’s a red wine grape type, crossbreeding by Merlot and Verdot.
  • Castets, originated and only in France, it’s a very rare red wine grape.
  • Liliorila, originated and only in France. It’s a crossbreeding type by Baroque and Chardonnay, white type.

Their advantages include excellent national resistance to special disease, like Mild Powder and mycete and their capability to hot.

Touriga Nacional




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