Research Shows the Longer History of Wine Enterprise the More Effective Methods to Environmental Changes

Posted on August 23, 2019 by Abbelio Wines | 0 comments

The Wine Business School of Sonoma State University has researched a topic regarding effect of environment changes to enterprises.  It shows the longer history and bigger enterprises have more effective methods to take.

There’re 11784 samples of wine enterprises worldwide, among which there’re 338 samples deeply interviewed. 58% of samples are small wine companies and 56% of samples have no more than 20 years histories.

When natural and economic environment changes take place, wine enterprises would often adopt three strategies, updating training methods and contents, innovating management and control system and steps, and changing management style.

However, smaller wine companies would tend to make new sales and marketing strategies and compete with peers to adapt to indeterminacy of development.

Overall those larger wine enterprises have longer advantages of sustainable development.

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