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There’re many wine rating systems, full scores as 100 and 20, and star levels as five stars and three stars. We will take some powerful and famous wine rating systems and wine critics as examples.

  • Full score as 100, score above 90 represents a very excellent wine.
  • Wine Spectator, a professional American wine magazine, founded in 1976. There’re many readers all over the world. Every year WS would rate around 15 thousands of wines, in order to keep rating fairness, WS set up its own special rating offices. In the meanwhile, it publishes Top 100 every year.
  • The Wine Advocate, founded by famous wine critic Robert Parker in 1978, WA would rate thousands of wines every year. Please be noted not all the wines are rated by himself, but his professional team. They are assigned to appointed wine regions.
  • Decanter, founded in 1975, a British magazine. In the beginning, Decanter rated as full score 20, but nowadays it has started to use full score 100, which is more popular.
  • Wine Enthusiastic, a famous American magazine, founded in 1988 in New York. The rating system contains 80-100, not 50-80.
  • Full score as 20, score above 16 represents very impressive wine.
  • Vinum Europas Weinmagazin, a European wine magazine. If the wine score is above 16, it’s very impressive and 18 as outstanding.
  • La Revue du Vin de France, the wine magazine with the longest history worldwide, was founded in 1927. It’s considered as “Wine Bible” by Le Figaro. It has professional wine critics worldwide. Due to strict rating system, a wine would be excellent if the score hits 15.5.
  • Jancis Robinson, is considered as “first lady” in wine industry. She got the honor of Master of Wine. She marks wine score 16 as Distinguished, 17 as Superior, 18 as A Cut Above Superior.
  • Five Stars System
  • Decanter, the most representative system. It marks wines three stars as level of Recommendation, four stars as Highly Recommendation and five stars as Perfect Model.
  • Three Stars System
  • Guide Hachette des Vins, which enjoys high reputation in France, and is considered as “France Wine Bible”. It was founded in 1985 and only rates wines from French wine regions. Rates from 0 to 5, level 3 as “Remarkable” (1 star recommendation), 4 as “Excellent” (2 stars recommendation) and 5 as “Exceptional” (3 stars recommendation).

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