Preparation for Travelling to Wine Regions

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In the past 25 years, wine tourism has exploded. Please read some tips on how to get the most out of your wine tourism.

  • Design tour route and confirm destinations. Some only focus on their favorite wineries, because of their favorite wines produced from there. The others like travelling to different wineries to experience various sightseeing.
  • Book with wineries in advance. Some wineries will limit tour visits in order to protect their quiet environment and to offer best travel experience to visitors.
  • Book a driver. As you may try some wines, you’d better book a local driving service and they’re much more familiar with the itinerary.
  • Seek for those second wine regions. Avoid crowds if you choose less famous wine regions to enhance travel experience
  • Ask questions when travelling in wine regions. Like, why you choose specific grapes? Who established the winery? Which wines best match the season? Why does the top wine own such different characteristics? After all these, you will get better ideas.
  • Don’t buy the most popular wine in the wineries. These could be bought from other places, which may be cheaper. You may try limited wines, which could be only sold inside winery.
  • Pay attention on special activities. Some wineries would organize dinner party, and invite musicians or artists. Don’t miss this!

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