Port and Christmas

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Many people would choose Port wine to celebrate Christmas! How many types of Port do you know?

Aging Port in Oak

Aging Port in Oak

  • It’s the cheapest among port wines and normally kept in cement pit or stainless steel tank for no longer than 3 years.
  • Ruby Port. We once carry this, Barros Porto Imperial Ruby Port NV, which was inexpensive. It tastes better than Ruby and aroma is stronger and more complex. It’s kept in oak barrel around 5 years, so it’s softer.
  • Late Bottled Vintage, similar as Reserve Ruby Port. No need decant. If label marks as Traditional Style LBV, then it would need to decant.
  • Vintage Port (including Single Quinta Vintage Port). It can be kept for a long time. The grapes are from best vineyards and only good vintage year could make Vintage Port. Different from Ruby and LBV, it includes more tannins, stronger aroma, higher sugar and alcohol at the beginning. Even though it can be drunk when it’s young, it’s better to store it for a long time. We once carried 2011 Dows Port, sold out now. You may check out for the details.
  • Tawny Port. It’s produced by red wine through oak and cut wine by Solera system. During the process, part would be evaporated and get yellowish-brown color, with nutty smell. Please try Barros Tawny Port NV. You will be amazed.
Prepare for your Christmas!



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