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Sometimes you can’t act like a wine professor, but if you could talk something funny about wine that would be interesting. There’re some easy to memorize.

  1. Pour grape juice into a capped tin (not to tighten it) and keep it warm. It will taste like wine after a while, though it’s unpleasant to drink.
  2. The oldest wine illustration is on a Summarian mural aged 5000 years. It’s called the Standard of Ur.
  3. Fragrance of young wine is called “aroma”; while fragrance of old wine is named “mellow”.
  4. China is the fifth largest wine production country.
  5. Hundreds of years ago, people drank wine to quench their thirst, because that time the water wasn’t clean and wine could kill germs caused of cholera and typhia during natural fermentation.
  6. When you open a bottle, please don’t smell the cork, which couldn’t help you to judge wine quality. Instead, you could take a careful look at the cork to see if it’s mouldy. If so, then the wine was probably affected.
  7. Grapes are the largest planted fruit all over the world.
  8. Some red wines are suitable for chilled a second, e.g. Beaujolais Nouveau, Amarone della Valpolicella DOCG and Bardolino.
  9. A ton of grapes could be made of 720 bottles of wines.
  10. Cork capped wine should be kept horizontally, so that the liquid could contact with cork to prevent leakage by air into the bottle.
  11. In the year 2016, California grape harvest is around 394 million tons, around 280 millions of bottles of wine.
  12. So far the most expensive wine is Cabernet Sauvignon wine of Penfolds 2004 Region 42, at USD168, 000/bottle, only 12 bottles left until last July.
  13. Tannin could bring a taste of dry and is originated from “Tan” meaning “tanning”, which is from grape skins, stone and stems.
  14. Nebuchadnezzar is the largest wine bottle, which equalize 20 normal bottles- 15 litre.
  15. The biggest three types of wine are Australian Yellow Tail, Italian Cavit and Chile Concha y Toro.

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