Interesting Things about Wine

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You may not know some interesting facts about wine until you read the article. Then you will look at your cup of wine differently.

Interesting Wine

  • Plato said that the minimum drinking age should be 18. From then to age 31, a man should only drink wine moderately. After 40, he could drink all he wanted to cure the fact of “getting old”, which was probably a very good excuse for men drinking a lot of wine.
  • In ancient Greece, a host would take the first cup of wine to make sure it was not poisoned, so the custom of bumping glasses with a “cheers” developed in old Rome (bumping glasses makes the drink spill from one cup to the other). This tradition originated in ancient Greece to show his guests he does not intend to poison them.
  • In the ancient time, wine was considered legal and universal currency. In Greece, people traded wine for precious metals, and in Rome people traded wine for slaves.
  • Try not to keep your wine in the kitchen. The temperature is high and may damage the wine’s quality. The fridge is too cold, so no good to place in it either. Please get a wine cellar or find a cool dark closet to keep all your bottles safely.
  • Please remember not to keep them standing up – this can cause the cork to dry, shrink and oxygen or air might get in the bottle. Just let them lie down.



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