How to Taste Wine Professionally

Posted on July 16, 2017 by Abbelio Wines | 0 comments

First, look. Check the color against a white background to make out the wine true color.

  • The wine shouldn’t be cloudy in color.
  • Red wine loses color with time and turns brown.
  • White wine often gets darker, but not brown.

Second, smell. After swirling the wine in your glass, please sniff. You will find a mix of flavor of fruit, vegetables, flowers, nuts or mineral.  

Third, taste. Take a sip of wine and let it linger in your month. Roll the wine in your month and pay attention to the texture, and flavors. Take another sip of wine, that is, slurp the wine. Don’t worry, this is an accepted step in wine tasting.

Wine Tasting




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