How to Choose Wines?

Posted on February 20, 2018 by Abbelio Wines | 0 comments

It’s a challenge work to find a perfect wine, but if you stick to the below attentions you will get a good one.

  • Pay attention to bottle appearance of the wine. Is the label clearly printed? Is it fake or reprinted? Please check the cork to see if it’s sealed. Check the label if it contains relevant International Article Number Bar Code.
  • View the wine color. Please check this to see if the color is nature or not and if it contains sediments.
  • If the wine smells like enamel, it probably goes bad.
  • If the wine is smooth and balanced acidity, long and deep end, it would be a good wine. However, if it tastes like chemical smell, it would be a poor wine.
  • You will need to consider wines to match with food. Normally red wine with red meat and white with white meat. The most important reason is tannin in red wine would soften fiber of red meat and taste delicate.



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