How to Attend a Wine Tasting Event?

Posted on September 11, 2017 by Abbelio Wines | 0 comments

How to attend a wine tasting properly? Some tips as below you should know.

  • Don’t drive. As you would drink, it’s not safe to drive when you finish a wine tasting event. You could enjoy drinking without a car.
  • Appropriate clothing. Men in suit. Ladies in dress and high-heeled shoes. If you’re in casual or sports clothes, it’s very impolite. Remember not to be in white color clothes in case wine spatters.
  • Get to know the theme of wine tasting in advance. Thus you will have a better idea of tasting order – which comes first and which later.
  • Make sure you’re not hungry when wine tasting. Have some bread or biscuit.
  • Don’t use strong perfume. It would cover wine aroma more or less.
  • Learn to spit wine professionally in public.
  • Take wine tasting notes. Never forget to note down your comments about the wines you taste. It’s a good reference when you’re going to buy wines.

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