Funny Cool Facts about Wines

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It’s the France that the most famous wine producing country, but it’s not French people who can drink the most. Hope the funny cool facts can make your summer refreshing.

  • Drunkenness will make people feel sadder. It seems someone gets drunk, their brain will recall bad or sad experiences, which definitely increase their sentimentality.
  • According to British The Independent, people in Vatican drink around 74 liters red wine annually per person, which is approximately 105 bottles. It doubles the average amounts of France and Italy and triples of England.
  • The most incredible grape name is Borrado das Moscas, which is translated as flying excrement in Portuguese. Not sure how the wine tastes produced by the grape.
  • Will the wine warm your body? No, it’s just kidding. The warm feeling just last for a short time and it would metabolize with alcohol. Soon later, you will feel cooler.
  • Champagne is more expensive than other normal sparkling wines. Why? A normal sparkling would produce 49 million bubbles, while Champagne makes 2.5 billion. It’s only made of Champagne by particle grapes and special producing procedure.
  • As Churchill love wine a lot, his mother made a wine, which is the famous Manhattan cocktail— composed of whisky and sweet Vermouth.
  • In ancient time, there’re no barrels for wines, so people used dried pig skin for holding and transporting wines.
  • The fat can’t win the thin in drinking. Because the former gets drunk more easily. Their hydrated muscles could absorb alcohol more efficiently.





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