Fairy Stories on Wine

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The wine history is at least thousands of years, thus it derives some fairy stories. The most main three legends of wine origin are different from what we heard before.

  • Genesis: Noah is the first ancestor for making wine. In Chapter 6-9, God’s flood submerged the highest mountain, therefore no living lives on land except for Noah and other beings in ark. After 220 days, ark stopped at around Ararat, in the meanwhile the flood slipped away. Noah and his family started to step out of the ark and plant grapes to make wines.
  • Epic Gilgamesh: it’s the earliest epic poem as is known. In Chapter 10, the main theme is producing wine. Hero Gilgamesh sought for God and found a beautiful and charming vineyard under Sun God’s territory. If someone drinks a suck of wine, he/she would be living forever.
  • Persian Girl Migraine: it’s the most popular legend among the three. The Persian King Jamesheed semi-god commanded to keep grapes in a jar in order to eat during winter time. However, it was considered poisonous when the grapes produced bubbles and turned to be smelly. There’s a Persian girl who had a bad migraine and couldn’t sleep well, so she wanted to kill herself and drank this “toxic” liquid. In the result, this liquid cured her migraine and she slept very well. After that Jamesheed ordered to produce wine in large quantity.

BTW, Australia does have a winery called Jamsheed and its background is as the beautiful legend.





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