Drinking in Summer

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Many people would encounter the below issues by mistake when drinking wine in hot summer.

  • It’s very hot in summer, so sometimes people add ice to wines to enjoy the cool drink. Actually, it’s not right as adding ice directly would decrease concentration and change the flavor. In the meanwhile, it probably causes people diarrhea, and stomachache, etc if they’re sensitive that time.
  • Mixed with Sprite, it would increase sugar content and affect aromatic taste, which easily destroy its nutritional ingredients and can’t achieve healthy purpose.
  • Drink the whole bottle in 3 days when it’s opened.
  1. If it’s not opened, we suggest the bottle lay on the cabinet in order to decrease the touch of wine and oxygen. Keep the original taste.
  2. If it’s opened and left over, please drink it all in 3 days.
  • Drink with strong coffee. Caffeine and wine together would speed up blood circulation, which easily affect heart and brain. So “Coffee and Wine” is not worth advocating.
  • Sleep after drinking. Drinking wine everyday would do good to sleep and enhance sleep quality. But if someone just drink wine and go to bed, it would affect sleep and wake up in the night.

 Do you drink wine correctly?

Drink Wine in Summer




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