Celebrities and Wines

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Charlemagne, a French Empire loves good quality wines and commands vineyards and wineries to choose best technologies to make wines. He would visit vineyards where plants his favorite grapes. In Fronsac, he built 769 fortresses to protect Dordogne. In Cote de Beaune, Corton vineyard is his most favorite one. He commands people to plant white wine grapes in order not to smudge his clothes.

In fact, history of white wine production is full of political complexion, because English and Germanic people prefer white wines, which play an important role in diplomacy activities between France, and its neighbors like England and Germany.

Another French Empire Philippe Auguste II in the help of Henri d’Andeli, a poet from Normandy, he closely linked his name and wines via poems.

And French Empire Philippe le Hardi III promulgates a law that Burgundy vineyards should produce high quality wines, which makes Pinot Nior the most famous wine grapes. For centuries, Burgundy wines enjoy good reputation and till 1693 it reaches the peak. In the recommendation of Doctor Fagon, Burgundy wines become particular recipe for Louis XIV.  

In Saint-Helene, Napoleon drank Constantia, with good global reputation. Many world famous writers like Alexandre Dumas, Alexandre Dumas Fils, Jane Austen, Charles Dickens all mentioned this Constantia wine.  

Alexander III and Louis Roederer, Alexander III is the loyal fan of Louis Roederer Champagne. He requested the winery to produce special wines for him and sent his own cellar master to Reims. In 1876, Louis Roederer winery was afraid of the confusion caused by other wines, so they invited specific craftsman to create unique wine bottles, which was flat bottom, with Tsar Chop and no colorful crystal bottle. Famous Crystal de Rederer came to the world.

Elizabeth II and Petrus, Petrus is considered as Bordeaux sexy girl and famous star of wines worldwide. It’s the only wine without a Chateaux or Domaine label. It’s the Marie Louise Loubat who gave its enduring value. Before its good reputation, she bought a new winery called Petrus. She sent a case of wine as a gift to Princess Elizabeth II. In her wedding ceremony, she presented Petrus wines. Afterwards Petrus becomes world famous wine.




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