Best Matches with Pinot Noir Wine

Posted on August 30, 2019 by Abbelio Wines | 0 comments

We carry many Pinot Noir wines and take 2012 Tukipo River Estate Fat Duck Pinot Noir and 2010 Wild South Pinot Noir for example, which food would be their best matches?

2012 Tukipo River Estate Fat Duck Pinot Noir2010 Wild South Pinot Noir

Let’s check below together.

  • Sauced duck: the most classical match, duck and Pinot Noir. Higher acidity Pinot Noir could relieve duck oily taste.
  • Italian mushroom rice: anytime when you eat mushroom rice, you may try Pinot Noir, because soft and abundant mushroom rice would stand out Pinot Noir wine special fruitful aroma.
  • Grilled Salmon and trout: fish often doesn’t match very well with red wine, because the bitter tannins would strengthen fishy smell. However, if you prepare a very fresh grilled salmon or trout, then it would become the best match with Pinot Noir.
  • Pizza: strong red wine always is the best with cheese, bread and Pizza.

Would you like to try the above matches?




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