Abbelio at the Tejo Wines Grand Tasting

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Already interested in Portugal's wines such as Vintage Port, made from only a single vintage, whereas the most famous wine from Portugal is typically made by blending several vintages of wine together, Abbelio is always looking to try new wines. That’s why we met Team Tejo, a winemaking community based around the great Portuguese river, the Tejo, inland from Lisbon. 

 Portuguese river the Tejo

Taking place in the beautiful Portugal's consul residence overhanging Macau, we had the chance to met eight winemakers who are masters of blending the several indigenous and international varietals they have at their disposal, to create distinctive wines that are always enjoyable. 

Portugal's consul residence 

The chance we already had to taste all these delightful creations was enhanced by our meeting with Casa Cadaval, especially by the white Vinha Padre Pedro reserva from 2013, and the Red  Marquesa de cadaval - both were really exciting and interesting.

Marquesa de cadaval 

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