Hong Kong's Wine Preferences

Posted on November 06, 2012 by Abbelio Wines | 0 comments

It is common knowledge that there is a marked preference for French wine in Hong Kong, with at least 30% of wine (by volume) imported to Hong Kong being French. Which wines do Hong Kong consumers actually prefer however? Abbelio wines has been running an informal straw poll on our website for the last 8 months and are now able to release the results.

Unsurprisingly perhaps, French wine is still the most popular, gaining 40% of the votes. It is also to be expected that Australia has one of the larger preference shares at 15%, given the large variety of Australian wines imported to Hong Kong. More surprising however is the relatively large preferences for Italian wines (18%) and Spanish wines (11%), given that wines from these countries are not always available in Hong Kong wine stores.

Which country's wine do you prefer? Why leave us a comment?

Notes. The poll was carried out on our web site from March 2012 to November 2012. 182 votes were recorded. Some votes may have been cast by non-Hong Kong residents. 




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