The Most Popular Types of Red Wine

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Cabernet and Merlot are among the key types of red wines and also both of the most popular. Full list is as follows:

Other Types of Red Wine

You may also try some other reds when you want to taste something new.

Italian Reds

  • Sangiovese – Planted the most widely in Italy.
  • Chianti - Arguably the most well known of the Italian wines. Chianti is a wine region and not a grape. It is made from a blend of grapes including: Sangiovese, Caniolo, Trebbiano and Malvasia. We carry 2013 and 2014 Contea di Lucca Chianti.
  • Barolo - These are the biggest and boldest of Italian reds. High tannin levels, with a little rough for young Barolos but soften with age. We carry 2009 Silvano Bolmida Barolo Bussia.
  • Montepulciano – Medium bodied fruit flavors with a hint of floristic tone. We carry 2014 Talamonti Montepulciano d'Abruzzo.

French Reds

  • Bordeaux - most famous wine region worldwide. We carry many Bordeaux reds. e.g. 1996 Chateau Lynch Bages, 2011 Chateau Le Pey.
  • Burgundy - red Burgundies are complex and have flavors of ripe dark berries.

2014 BILLAUD-SIMON Chablis 1er Cru Les Vaillons. 2009 Domaine Jacques Prieur Champs Pimont Rouge, Beaune 1er Cru.

Spanish Reds

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How Wine is Made

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We’ve known many famous wines, but do you know how they’re made? Now we are going to introduce the steps briefly.

  1. Grape Harvest

Grape harvest can be finshed by either mechanical equipment or by hand. The latter does a better job of selecting grapes in good condition. The former is more efficient and cost effective.

Grape Harvest

  1. Crushing and Destemming

Crushing is to split the external skin, so that the juice can meet and mingle with the natural yeast for the first chance. Then the wine alcohol is produced by the combination of yeast and sugar.

  1. Wine Fermentation

It’s during fermentation that the sugars are converted to alcohol. The red wine fermentation often takes place in stainless steel tanks, large vats or oak barrels, while white wine fermentation is in stainless steel tanks with lower heat levels, except for Chardonnay.

  1. Pressing

Pressing process is done right after the crush for whites and fermentation for reds and squeezes the grape solids to get a very thick liquid to enhance color and flavor.

  1. Maturation of the Wine

Both French and American oak are the most common containers for the maturation process. The other option is stainless steel tanks, more popular and economical.

  1. Finishing and Clarification

Finishing removes many unwanted particulates still and egg whites are used to remove the floaters. Clarification removes bigger solids like dead yeast cells and other particles to make clearer and brighter.

  1. Blending Wines

Blending two separate wines makes a new wine with a unique flavor.

  1. Bottling Wine

Nowadays it’s done by mechanical bottling lines. Then the bottle is capped with a traditional cork or a modern screw cap.

 Bottling Wine

And finally that’s what you see and buy from a wine store.

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Wine Events in HK

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Some events around town.  Watch this space for Abbelio Wines events too!

    Date: 27 July 2017, 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM

    Venue: The Flying Winemaker Tasting Room, 6th Floor, Yu Yuet Lai Building, 43-55 Wyndham Street, Central


    • "Vintage Pairs" Magnum Dinner at Tosca

    Date: 25th July 2017 (Tuesday)
    Time: 7 PM
    Venue: Tosca at Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong (102/F , International Commerce Ctr., 1 Austin Road West, KLN)
    Ticket: HKD 3,880 per seat, offered first-come, first-served, available now!


    • The Hong Kong Wine & Dine Festival brings together world-class food, drinks and entertainment every year, right next to the Victoria Harbour skyline. If you’re interested in this, you may attend it. There are many wine and food booths.

    Date: 26–29 October 2017

    Venue: Central Harbour front Event Space

    Wine Event

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    Wines Best for Summer

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    • Pinot Noir: it’s a red wine variety, originated in Burgundy. Its aromas are most of cherry, strawberry, and raspberry when it’s young. It would show tastes of liquorice and cooked beet tops when it’s aging. We carry 2010 Wild South Pinot Noir, which tastes refreshing and cool and suitable for drinking in summer.
    • Cabernet Sauvignon Rosé: The most different from Cabernet Sauvignon is not stored in wooden barrel, so the style is simpler and clearer, with higher acidity, good matches with many foods, e.g. fried chicken cold dish, potato salad and pound cake, etc.
    • Riesling: it’s sweet and white, young wine. It’s very suitable for drinking in summer, and best matches for fish and meet. We carry 2013 Sevenhill Inigo Riesling. The leaner, more savory side comes from the slate soil parcel, whilst the more generous citrus fruit flavors are delivered by the grapes grown on the richer, redder soils. The end result is an attractive, fruit-forward white with a crisp freshness.)

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    How to Taste Wine Professionally

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    First, look. Check the color against a white background to make out the wine true color.

    • The wine shouldn’t be cloudy in color.
    • Red wine loses color with time and turns brown.
    • White wine often gets darker, but not brown.

    Second, smell. After swirling the wine in your glass, please sniff. You will find a mix of flavor of fruit, vegetables, flowers, nuts or mineral.  

    Third, taste. Take a sip of wine and let it linger in your month. Roll the wine in your month and pay attention to the texture, and flavors. Take another sip of wine, that is, slurp the wine. Don’t worry, this is an accepted step in wine tasting.

    Wine Tasting

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